View Full Version : Legacy Matrox-enhanced games on g200/g400

11th December 2002, 16:40
Long ago before even the G-series exist, Matrox was promoting their native 3D API called "Matrox Simple Interface", or in short MSI, for Matrox Mystique 170/220 cards. Not very popular though, but still some games supported it. Two games was bundled in my Mystique retailed box, Mechwarrior 2 and Scorched Planet. I don't quite bother with the latter, but for Mechwarrior 2 that's my all-time favourite.

When Matrox released G-series, MSI was completely abandoned. I wonder if there is a way that I can play MSI-only games on G200/G400, such as a wrapper or use D3D/OGL to simulate MSI.

Since I still physically own a Matrox Mystique 170, I set up my system with both G400 and Mystique. G400 on AGP and Mystique on PCI, and use BIOS setup to switch between G400 and Mystique as primary display. But my system keeps freezing whenever I use Mystique as primary display on Win98SE even on windows desktop. Has anyone tried such configuration? I used PD4.12 for Mystique as recommended from Matrox, but I cannot installed the driver through setup. PD setup says "No Matrox hardware found". And I installed only the display driver through INF without Powerdesk.

Any suggestion/recommendation is welcome. Thanks.

12th December 2002, 11:07
Wow, that brings back some memories...
MSI was a simplistic API that supported only a maximum of 640x480x16 with z-buffer and no bilinear filtering. It used color look up tables to save memory (kind of like the Playstation).

To run these games on a modern computer, you have to either patch them to support Direct3D or pure dos vesa modes with software rendering. I would try to either find a patch for these games and try to apply it... or I would just buy the direct3d or dos versions (should be cheap to find used).

I would try to install the patches for mechwarrior 2 found here (who knows, they might work...):